A photography book by Marinka Grondel.
Nour the book is meant as a little piece of art on it’s own.

Vision Marinka:
Nour’ is the culmination of 10 months of travelling through Portugal, Spain, Greece and Turkey, making new work before the eyes of Mother Earth’s own creations. The book is a visual catalog of my journey to understanding the inexplicable bond between our being and its source. Through exploration, constructions and research on how to manipulate and create sunlight, I try to play with the notion that a celestial body like the Sun, out of reach as it may seem, can simultaneously be something a little closer to the heart, and perhaps… even a little more h u m a n.

Design – Marjolein Heije
Text – Yabbie
Printing – Drukkerij Tripiti
Pages – 52

Dimensions – 17 x 24 x 1 cm
Limited Edition

170 gr. gesatineerd MC
120 gr. Munken Lynx Rough.
I330 gr. Invercote Metalprint Spiegelend

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