I strongly believe in the power of clean design that fuse functionality and aesthetics. Through clear visual communication I bring stillness and mindspace, create connection and appeal to sentiments.

As a visual artist I design visual storytelling in digital and print by using graphic design, motion graphics, visual curation, video and tactical elements. I love to bring intuitive design solutions.

Whether you’re a yogi, marketing manager or in (sustainable) fashion, I level to your vision to create your social media campaign, lookbook or visual identity.

I’ve created a wide variety of recognisable works together with: Mexx, Calvin Klein, Vice & Viceland, Ace & Tate, Innercicle, Nina Pierson, Mauritshuis, Reconsidered.

I love traveling and I often make trips, if possible even for months to really dive deep into other cultures. I find inspiration in nature’s aesthetics, culture & local life and use these in my work and daily life.

I am available for freelance work. Based in The Hague (The Netherlands).

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