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As a visual artist I create visual storytelling in digital and print by using graphic design, motion graphics, photography, video and tactical elements.

Mindful Design
I strongly believe in the power of clean design and communication that fuse functionality and aesthetics.  By creating visual design I like to bring stillness and mindspace, create connection and appeal to sentiments and feelings. 

Whether you’re a yogi, or are in (sustainable) fashion, I level to your vision to create your e-book, social media campaign, website or visual identity. 

In 2014, I graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy with a degree in Lifestyle & Design. Since then I’ve worked with Iris van Herpen, Mexx, Calvin Klein,VICE/VICELAND and Ace & Tate.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to get to travel for longer periods all over the world. I love to get soaked up in the culture & local life. These experiences I use as inspiration in my work and daily life.